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Peter Castellana III - Top 100

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The Top 100


Peter Castellana III - Top 100
People in real estate 


We know that successful investing requires being present on a local level in the trenches with operational capabilities as well as analytical expertise to acquire, manage and develop real estate assets. Our primary focus is on grocery anchored real estate. Cactus’s leadership uses hands on experience in the grocery industry to identify, underwrite and acquire assets by understanding the underlying strength of the Supermarket tenants. This enables us to select superior sites with the best operators providing further security to already recession and pandemic resistant assets. Our footprint enables us to have experience in every sector of real-estate development as well as over a decade of experience managing the largest supermarket real estate portfolio in NY.


Managing such a diverse portfolio has given us experience with every sector of the market including ground up Commercial, Rehabilitation, Mixed-use,Large Residential ,Self Storage, Affordable Housing, Student Housing, Industrial Warehousing and many more sectors.



Cactus Asset Management sets a vision and oversees projects from conception through completion. We have experience in developing Residential, Commercial, Self Storage and Industrial.


Demand more from your real estate. At Cactus Asset Management, we specialize in optimizing real estate assets with real time data and operational performance with our top talent and reporting systems. Under our management, we aim to enhance real estate by ultimately increasing its value.


Our team and our network of key partnerships manage all sales and leasing efforts in our portfolio. Having managed over 2 million square feet of real estate at any given time in the New York metropolitan area and Florida has enabled us to master both urban and affluent markets. We view properties as an operator first and seek to match the right location with the perfect tenant. Our team is dedicated to finding the right operation for the right property.


Cactus Asset Management matches retailers with prime locations that makes the most sense for their business. Unlike other retail advisory services, we go many steps further given our long history in retail and having managed over billions of dollars in sales. From financing, pricing strategies, operational efficiency to marketing, we can assist with it all because we have done it all.


Cactus Asset Management believes in building more than just strong investment products.  We believe in building our communities just as we are committed to our investment stewardship that equates to long-term value creation.



433 5th Ave 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10016

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